Photo Credit: Dino Perrucci

On Saturday, Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds continued their self-titled destination concert event at Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort in Cancún, Mexico. The third day of music boasted the hosts’ second headlining frame, which included a first-time sit-in from longtime DMB producer John Alagía, in addition to members of Lone Bellow, who trickled on stage and assisted on select numbers, including first-time plays–dotting the setlist and become a prominent highlight of the night. 

The duo started their stage time with a heap of material released via Dave Matthews Band, leading to the Matthews solo drop from Some Devil on “Stay or Leave.” The billed artist invited Alagía to the stage for a first-time cover of The Beatles’ Hard Day’s Night cut, “If I Fell.” After the debut, “Don’t Drink The Water” landed and preluded Reynolds’ solo moment on “Manfood.” 

More seasoned material filled the gaps between Reynolds’ individual delivery and a three-part sequence of “Jimi Thing,” “What Will Become of Me,” and “Pantala Naga Pampa,” ultimately flanked with another solo from Reynolds on “Stream.” Prior to beginning their next song, the hosts welcomed Lone Bellow vocalist Kanene Pipkin to sit in on the Bob Dylan original, “Oh, Sister.” 

Pipkin’s bandmates, Brian Elmquist and Zach Williams, joined Matthews and Reynolds for a cover of Neil Young’s classic “Old Man,” marking a debut for this grouping of artists. Returning to a duo formation, the hosts added “Minarets” and “Crush” to cap the main frame. A lone Matthews returned to the stage to start the evening’s encore, running through “Singing From the Windows” before Reynolds arrived to close the night on fan favorite, “Ants Marching.” 

After last night’s set, Matthews and Reynolds will return to the main stage for one last set at their destination concert event in Cancún, Mexico.

Dave and Tim 

Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort  – Cancún, Mexico 

Feb. 17, 2024

Set: Save Me, #41, Fool to Think, Oh, When the World Ends, It Could Happen*, Stay or Leave, Typical Situation, If I Fell*%, Don’t Drink the Water, Manfood&, Out of My Hands, Virginia in the Rain, Madman’s Eyes, Digging a Ditch Jimi Thing > What Will Become of Me > Pantala Naga Pampa, Stream&, Oh, Sister #, Old Man@*, Minarets, Crush

Enc.: Singing From the Windows+, Ants Marching 


% With John Alagia

& Tim Reynolds solo 

# Kanene Pipkin Sit in 

@ Brian Elmquist, Kanene Pipkin and Zach Williams Sit in 

* Debut 

+ Dave Matthews solo

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