Phil Lesh, renowned bassist of the Grateful Dead, has announced a new project titled the “Darkstarathon.” This latest endeavor comes directly from Lesh’s newly established Terrapin Clubhouse YouTube Channel, signaling a bold step into uncharted musical territory.

“Dark Star,” a hallmark of the Grateful Dead’s psychedelic rock repertoire, serves as the primary inspiration for this vision. Known for its improvisational brilliance, “Dark Star” has been a canvas for some of the band’s most daring and exploratory performances. Lesh notably collaborated with producer John Oswald on the 1994 album Grayfolded. This innovative project employed Oswald’s “plunderphonics” technique, seamlessly weaving together live recordings of “Dark Star” from 1968 through 1993.

In an announcement regarding the “Darkstarathon,” the 83-year-old Lesh shared his vision for this musical odyssey on a dedicated YouTube Channel: “Hey now! Welcome to the ‘Darkstarathon!’ What is a ‘Darkstarathon,’ you may ask? I will be collaborating with many musical friends to create a ‘Dark Star’ that pauses but never ends. Each band will pick up where the last band left off, and it will be a living, breathing, infinite piece of music. If you’re as crazy about this sort of thing as I am, please subscribe to the channel and join us on this journey. I promise to make it weird.”

Expanding his digital footprint, Lesh unveiled not only the “Darkstarathon” channel but also introduced a third YouTube Channel named the Clubhouse Sessions. This channel promises to showcase the bassist’s performances alongside a diverse array of musicians, offering a dynamic musical experience.

In addition to these ventures, Lesh is set to premiere The Phil Zone Podcast, further solidifying his presence in the evolving landscape of digital music platforms.

Watch Lesh’s announcement for Darkstarathon below.