Following up on Thursday’s announcement that Lotus would sit out of the 2023 edition of Resonate Suwannee Festival in Live Oak, Fla., the producers behind the March 30 through April 1 event have announced that they will celebrate the lives of Chuck and Charley Morris–who went missing on March 16, while on a family spring break vacation in Arkansas–during the upcoming event. 

In a post shared by Resonate Suwannee via social media, they stated, “Each of us have worked with Lotus numerous times over many years and consider Chuck a friend and certainly a member of our extended musical family. While Lotus has made the understandable decision to skip Resonate Suwannee next weekend, we are determined to forge ahead with the festival and to celebrate the lives of Chuck and Charley passionately.”

The festival went on to explain the trajectory of events planned in the father and son’s honor, “During Lotus’s scheduled set time, The Amphitheater Stage will remain dark in honor of these special humans. Friends of Chuck, drummers Jeffree Lerner (STS9) and Rohan Prakash (HIVE MIND), will lead a drum circle on the dance floor in front of the Amphitheater Stage. We invite all Resonate Suwannee attendees to bring a drum or percussion instrument and join in as we make a loud sound that we know Chuck and Charley will be able to hear from wherever they are.” 

They added, “During this time we will also display a slideshow of photographs of Chuck on a screen near the drum circle. We invite all of you to send in any photos of Chuck you may have, and they will be included in the slideshow.” The festival produces shared an email address for sending photos to be included in the slideshow presentation, before concluding their statement: “The public will be able to sign a guest book for the Morris family, bring flowers, light candles, leave photographs and have an opportunity to reflect about Chuck and Charley at this location.”

For those interested in assisting the family of Chuck and Charley Morris, a GoFundMe has been created and can be accessed here.

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