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The legendary country music icon Loretta Lynn died yesterday at the age of 90. The “Coal Miner’s Daughter” singer-songwriter made a massive impact on artists and musicians around the world. Known during her lifetime as a rebel, an iconoclast and voice for feminism, Lynn will be remembered as an essential member of the country music scene, who compromised her values for no one.

Since her passing, a wave of tributes have poured in from musicians she influenced and worked with throughout her illustrious career. Stars like Brandi Carlile, Margo Price, Trace Adkins, Wynona Judd, Sheryl Crow and Jack White all chimed in. In a statement from the Ryman Auditorium, the iconic Nashville, Tenn. venue stated, “Loretta Lynn was a trailblazer for women, a country music icon, and a beacon of light to all those around her. We will miss you, Loretta. Your legacy will live on forever here at the Mother Church.” 

“So sorry to hear about my sister, friend Loretta,” Dolly Parton stated. “We’ve been like sisters all the years we’ve been in Nashville and she was a wonderful human being, wonderful talent, had millions of fans and I’m one of them. I miss her dearly as we all will. May she rest in peace.”

“It’s safe to say I wouldn’t be making country music today if it weren’t for Loretta Lynn,” Margo Price wrote. “She showed me what it looked like to be a musician and a mama. Her writing was as real as the day is long and she didn’t take no shit. This one hurts on another level…I’ll miss her forever.”

Wynona Judd, who was mentored by Lynn for many years, wrote a touching tribute online. “Loretta was like an aunt to me,” the statement said. “I would call her and she would tell me stories…We mustn’t ever forget how important this woman was…IS…to country music. Let us all turn up her music a little louder for the next generation.”

In a heartfelt video, Jack White shared his thoughts. “I said years ago that I thought she was the greatest female singer-songwriter of the 20th century, and I still believe that,” White asserted. “She was such an incredible presence and such a brilliant genius…in ways that I think only people who got to work with her might know about.”

“It’s so hard to have the right words,” Martina McBride wrote on Instagram. “We all loved her so much. There will never be another like her. I am so grateful that I got to know her, to spend time with her, laugh with her…She ended every phone call the same way… ‘I love you honey.’ I love you too Loretta. I love you too.”

Lynn’s passing is a massive loss for artists and fans of music alike. The tributes from members of the music community across the world are a testament to her life’s impact on people from all walks of life and all musical backgrounds.

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