Photo by Ron Adelberg

Today, Asbury Park, N.J.’s Dogs In A Pile announced their aptly named latest single, “Today.” The single will be featured on their much anticipated, soon-to-be-announced 2023 LP.

“Today” showcases Dogs In A Pile’s expert musicianship and positive vibrations that acted as a bonanza of joy during their live performances over the summer of 2022. The emotive, reggae-style track plays homage to their beachside home base while embodying the core of their zestful live performances.

“Today was written in a flow state that I naturally came across in a dense time of growth and learning,” explained Dogs In A Pile’s Jimmy Law. “When things get crazy, it’s important to remember who’s there for you and that it’s okay to ask for help. It’s inspired by lyricists like Mac Miller and Mihali with quick speech and simple ideas.” 

The release of “Today” comes in the midst of their massive fall 2022 tour, which will run through Dec. 31 and feature spots with Twiddle, Keller Williams, Disco Biscuits, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong and pre and after parties for Widespread Panic. See full dates below.

Listen to the track below.