Photo Credit: Chris Brush

Due to the recent devastation to Florida’s Gulf Coast caused by Hurricane Ian, former Allman Betts Band and current Duane Betts bassist, Berry Duane Oakley, and his family have been displaced from their home which was destroyed in the storm. Oakley has taken to Facebook with updates of his status; he and his family are resting safely in an area hotel.  

On his Facebook, Oakley writes: 

We are in salvage and clean-up mode. The house is a wash. Unfortunately, we didn’t have insurance.

I am so humbled and grateful for all your help and support. I know many people outside of the circle assume that musicians make a huge living but honestly as a bass player for 30 years I have been able to survive and cover my bills. 

We are upside down and a mess trying to plan and find a new place to live.  We will be temporarily living in a hotel as we have four kids and a cat.

I need to find a home in Venice or South Venice (Florida) as my children all attend schools in the area.

On a separate note I want to thank all of you that have helped and sent what you could. 

We are extremely grateful and so extremely humbled by everyone’s graciousness.  We cannot begin to tell you how much it helps us right now. 

Thank you all for all the help that is coming in and continuing to come in. We are so grateful.  Every bit helps.

Those wishing to donate to his recovery fund may click here for more details:

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