Photo Credit: Rene Huemer

Members of the Dave Matthews Band have shared social posts showing off a Wednesday studio session in Los Angeles where the group reportedly added the “finishing touches” to their 10th studio album, the follow-up to 2018’s Come Tomorrow.

Rashawn Ross, Dave Matthews Band’s trumpeter, shared a collection of snapshots from the group’s latest studio session on his private Instagram page, where he added comments about the album’s tracking process. 

Jeff Coffin, the group’s saxophonist, also delivered a snapshot and statement on his personal Instagram account, where he wrote: “From the stage to studio… Working hard!” The caption was posted along with multiple images, including one of Coffin and Ross with their instruments in the studio. See below.

The most recent update on the band’s forthcoming studio album comes after Dave Matthews sat down with Ari Fink in late July to discuss new music, politics, and more. The bandleader stated, “I’m really psyched about it, but every time I walk into the studio and we’re listening to mixes, I say, ‘Ooh,’ and then, you know, there’s another little song.” Read the complete article here

See Jeff Coffin’s post below.