Photo Credit: Josh Miller

On July 1, the Disco Biscuits performed at the High Sierra Music Festival at Plumas Country Fairgrounds in Quincy, Calif. The ensemble performed for three hours without stopping, which marked a monumental record for the band, according to a Twitter post shared by bassist Marc Brownstein. Additionally, the performance featured a bust out of “Moshi-Fameus Jam,” played for the first time since 2016. 

The single-set performance began with a number off the Disco Biscuits’ 1998 album, Uncivilized Area when they landed on “I-Man” to kick off their stand at the High Sierra Music Festival. Following the opening number, they moved into an illustrious jam that began with “Who’s In Charge,” which melted into “Tourists (Rocket Ship).”

Next, the Disco Biscuits performed an inverted take on “Abraxas,” which segued into “Space Train.” Then, they busted out “Moshi-Fameus Jam,” the rare keys and drum jam, ahead of “Another Plan of Attack.” The epic set continued with one of their newest tunes, “Twisted In The Road,” before concluding the gig with “Caterpillar,” a song that initially appeared on the group’s 2006 live release, The Wind at Four to Fly. 

Before the ensemble took the stage for their jammed-out single set performance, Brownstein Tweeted, “We have a 3 hour slot on the MainStage to end the tour, and we are considering just going on and playing through the whole set!!” He followed up after the show by Tweeting, “Update: we played the whole 3 hours and I don’t think we ever even stopped once till the very end. That’s gotta be some sort of biscuits record for longest stretch without a stop. The only show I can think that might complete is the phi delta Halloween show with the JP8000.” 

See the Tweets below. 

The Disco Biscuits 

High Sierra Music Festival – Quincy, Calif.

July 1, 2022 

Set: I-Man, Who’s In Charge > Tourists (Rocket Ship) > Abraxas^ > Space Train > Moshi-Fameus Jam > Another Plan of Attack > Twisted In The Road > Caterpillar 


^ Inverted