Photo by Wes Orshoski

Today, Neil Young and Crazy Horse shared the latest preview off of their lost 2001 LP Toast which is now due to release on July 8. The song, titled “Timberline,” marks the second of three unreleased songs featured on the newly unearthed project.

Back in May when he announced the project, Young shared that the songs on the project were “so sad at the time” that he couldn’t release them. He went on to detail the meaning of “Timberline,” saying it is about a lumberjack who is at odds with his religious beliefs, “The scene changes to a religious guy who just lost his job. He’s turning on Jesus. He can’t cut any more trees. He’s a logger.”

The unreleased song which proceeded “Timberline” was “Standing in the Light of Love,” which was also recorded at Toast Studios in San Francisco in early 2001 along with seven other tracks which will join them upon the release of the project.

Additionally, Young recently revealed he will also release a live album titled Noise & Flowers, which documents his time touring with Promise of the Real across Europe in 2019.

Listen to “Timberline” below: