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The Rumble, a newly formed band made up of former members Cha Wa, made their debut at New Orleans’ Maple Leaf on Wednesday, Feb. 3. The band is primed to continue a weekly residency through February at the Oak Street location.

The Rumble established itself rapidly after publically separating from the Grammy-nominated Mardi Gras Indian funk band Cha Wa, due to “irreconcilable internal differences,” just seven days ago.

The new outfit is comprised of Chief Joseph Boudreaux Jr., trumpeter Aurélien Barnes, José Maize on trombone, saxophonist Gladney, bassist TJ Norris, guitarist Ari Teitel and keyboardist and percussionist Andriu Yanovski. Each of the members of the band sing and they all share lead vocal responsibility and freely pass the responsibility around.

After their exodus from Cha Wa, the musicians pledged to honor and further their musical impetus to blend New Orleans’ culture from the past and present into the future. They also aim to continue the legacy of Mardi Gras Indian funk, which was in part pioneered by Boudreaux’s father Big Chief Monk Boudreaux with the Wild Magnolias.

The group have been working towards The Rumble for two months and wrote in a statement that they look forward to making more great records together, performing and growing as a “majority black-owned, and locally-made Mardi Gras Indian collective.”

Watch The Rumble’s performance below:

See their statement separating from Cha Wa below:

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