Photo by Dyllan Langille

Greensky Bluegrass celebrated the release of Stress Dreams at The Met in Philadelphia, Pa., on Friday night. The band debuted five tracks off their latest LP and welcomed The Infamous Stringdusters’ Chris Pandolfi on banjo during the latter part of the second set. 

The first set opened with “A Letter to Seymour,” followed by “New Rize Hill,” last played in January 2020. Next, the quintet performed “In Control” and “All for Money.” 

The music came to a momentary halt for Anders Beck to speak about Stress Dreams, but the tunes quickly picked back up with a debut of “Get Sad,” followed by a performance of the title track.

“Blood Sucking F(r)iends” came next, followed by a 16-minute long “All Four” jam. The first set concluded with another debut off Stress Dreams, this time “Reasons to Stay.” 

Set two picked up with a debut of “Screams” followed by 2006’s “Radio Blues” and another debut, “Streetlight.” The band continued with a stretched-out version of “Courage for the Road” and “Cold Feet.”

Greensky Bluegrass then played their final debut off Stress Dreams, “Cut a Tooth,” before welcoming The Infamous Stringdusters’ Chris Pandolfi on stage for set closers, “Past My Prime” and “Don’t Lie.” The band ended the evening with an encore performance of 2008’s “Reverend.”  

Greensky Bluegrass

The Met– Philadelphia, Pa. 

Jan. 21, 2022

Set 1: A Letter to Seymour, New Rize Hill, In Control, All for Money, Get Sad*, Stress Dreams, Blood Sucking F(r)iends, All Four, Reasons to Stay*

Set 2: Screams*, The Radio Blues, Streetlight*, Courage for the Road, Cold Feet, Cut a Tooth*, Past My Prime#, Don’t Lie#

Enc.: Reverend 


* Debut 

# With Chris Pandolfi