Ryley Walker

Members of Antibalas and Charles Bradley’s Extrodanaires made a surprise appearance at New York’s Nublu 151 on Thursday night. The evening, as billed, featured two all-improv sets by guitarist Ryley Walker, longtime Antibalas member and Arcade Fire saxophonist Stuart Bogie, bassist Spencer Zahn and Antibalas drummer Kevin Razcka. However, during the ad-hoc group’s second set, Antiabals flute player Domenica Fosatti, Antibalas trumpeter Jackie Coleman, Antibalas trombonist Ray Mason and Antibalas keyboardist Jake Pinto all came by the club after playing a gig elsewhere in the city and sat in for an extended portion of the set. Antibalas alum Eric Biondo, Chris Bollock and Billy Austick and Charles Bradley’s Extrodanaires also joined in on the segment.

The night marked the first time Bogie and Walker have shared the stage.