On Wednesday, July 15, Greensky Bluegrass treated fans to a special free “Casual Wednesday” livestream. The single-set, St. Louis outing utilized the band’s full live production rig, and opened fittingly with “Living Over,” a presumed nod to the repetitious nature of the COVID-19 era.

The show’s namesake “Casual Wednesday” jam arrived mid-way through the show and saw dobroist Anders Beck take a stroll around the venue, shouldering a camera and even driving a golf cart around the venue at one point.

“There’s a lot of stuff goin’ on in this world right now, and it feels like a lot of Mondays and Tuesdays” Beck told the viewers at home, wearing a two-horned viking helmet. “I want you to remember Wednesdays. Casual Wednesdays can be in your heart. Be happy, spread love, enjoy yourself, love your friends.”

Check out the full-show video as well as the setlist below:


Greensky Bluegrass
July 15, 2020
“Casual Wednesday”
The Pageant, St Louis, MO

Living Over, Windshield> Help> Take Cover, Bottle Dry, What You Need (1), In Control> A Letter to Seymour, Casual Wednesday (2), Worried About the Weather, Old Barns (3) (4), Wings for Wheels> Don’t Lie

(1) – w/ Guido Batista (vibraslap)
(2) – Lyric change “Casual camera”
(3) – New Barns arrangement
(4) – “Fixin’ to Ruin” tease