The newest release from the “Widespread Panic Archive:, marking the 28th installment in the “Porch Songs” two-track series, comes from the band’s show in Asheville, NC, in 2000.

The show was recorded at Asheville’s Civic Center on November 22, 2000, at the end of that year’s impressive fall tour. The show opened with “Surprise Valley,” featured a strong run of “Leather Shoes” into “You’ll Be Fine” and rounded out with a two-song encore of Neil Young’s “Don’t Be Denied” and James Taylor’s “Knockin’ Around the Zoo.”

See the full setlist from the show below. The Asheville 2000 download is available here.

Widespread Panic
The Civic Center, Asheville, NC, 11/22/2000

Set I: Surprise Valley, Driving Song, Disco, Driving Song, The Waker, Pigeons, Blue Indian, Chunk of Coal, Conrad the Caterpillar

Set II: Radio Child, Airplane, Imitation Leather Shoes, You’ll Be Fine, Space Wrangler, Drums, Diner, Pilgrims, Postcard

Enc: Don’t Be Denied, Knockin’ Around the Zoo