The Disco Biscuits will play a third all instrumental set under the name Tractorbeam at Sayerville, NJ’s Starland Ballroom this coming Saturday. According to the band, “All those rumors about a Tractorbeam show got us just as excited as it got the fans! But, alas, there was no Tractorbeam show to be had. Well, we have the power to change that, and we have decided to do just that! This Saturday night at the Starland Ballroom, we will start the tour off with a celebratory THREE SET SHOW! One of the three sets will be exactly what has been rumored, a dark and dirty T-Beam throw-down. So make sure that you bring an extra change of clothes with you, cause you are going to sweat through that first layer for sure. Fo sho!” The band will also perform at the Starland Ballroom this Sunday. RJD2 will open that show.