Drummer Tom Arey will be taking a hiatus from Uncle Sammy, as he heads out on the road for a national tour with Global Funk Council. Arey will join the band March 1 at the Boom Boom Room in San Francisco. ‘This isn’t in any way a reflection of personal differences or hard feelings between us in [Uncle Sammy] …at all,’ says Arey. ‘This is just a chance to try some new things out for both parties. These guys are my brothers and I absolutely love playing music together, travelin’ and hangin’. I’m looking forward to playing again in the future.’
In the meantime, Uncle Sammy will continue performing with drummer Brent Sirois, a fellow alumnus of the Berklee College of Music in Boston.
Global Funk Council’s initial tour schedule is up at www.globalfunkcouncil.com, while Uncle Sammy’s itinerary can be found at www.unclesammy.com.