This month’s fan site is The site’s Mike Hill talks about its origins… was launched in 1996 after an AMAZING live show in Atlanta for their "12 Golden Country Greats" tour. A friend of mine video taped the show and encoded it for the web. At the time, no ween video was on the web. So, I thought to myself why not create a quick site for people to check out the band and download videos?
The response was great! From there, I decided to build the site complete with mp3s, a discography, pictures, news, etc. It wasn’t until a few years later, around 98-99 when the fun really started….the WEEN FORUM.
The Ween Forum, a lifestyle for literally thousands of freaks, features a chat room, a bootleg trading circle, a singles section, a show roll call section, polls, a password protected "adult" section and of course, the main forum where you can talk about everything from tub girl to uhhh, the band. The forum is the best way to stay on top of all Ween news as the band members themselves post there and it is THE OFFICIAL WEEN FORUM.
These days I simply keep up the site to get free shit from the band and of course, to do my part in spreading good music to all in a world riddled with pop.