Our latest Fan site of the Month is RailroadEarth.org. Here are some thoughts from the site’s founder Berry Crawford…
I first conceived of railroadearth.org for selfish
reasons. Being a big nerd, I was curious about the
statistics of the shows I’d seen. I figured that if I
was going to make the effort to write that type of
software, I might as well make it a website so other
people could use it too.
In many ways the hardest part was already completed
before I even started. A huge amount of credit goes
to "Silent" Mark Adams who for many years faithfully
kept up the official Railroad Earth setlist database.
As anyone who has managed a setlist database can
attest to, this is a very tedious and time consuming
venture and he did an excellent job with the breadth
and consistency in managing the data. After this data
was imported into the new database, my good friend Zan
Stewart created the design and all the great looking
graphics for the website. Our main news and setlist
editor is (huge Railroad Earth fan) Scott Baron who
has done a great job in keeping it current. I think I
speak for all of us when I say that most of all it is
an honor to be involved in one of the best musical
families for what many feel is the very best band in
the world.
Moving forward, we plan on greatly expanding the
statistics capabilities of the site and well as adding
more data such song lyrics and music tabs. We plan on
tying the setlists to the shows on the Live Music
Archive so that those shows can be searched in a more
sophisticated fashion. Lastly. Robert Scalcione will
be joining us to help as an additional setlist and
news editor and will make a special effort in cleaning
up and expanding the database.