Gov’t Mule
ACL Live at The Moody Theater Austin, TX

Set I: Mule, Rocking Horse, Banks Of The Deep End, Time To Confess, Stone Cold Rage*, Sarah, Surrender*, Stratus^, The Joker^^, Traveling Tune^^^

Set II: Broke Down On The Brazos > Tributary Jam, Revolution Come, Revolution Go, No Need To Suffer, Kind Of Bird (with Happy Together & Wind Cries Mary teases)*, Burning Point^^^, Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground

Enc: Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody’s Home% > The Thrill Is Gone% > Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody’s Home%

*with Ray Arteaga
^with Ray Arteaga & Ike Stubblefield
^^with Ray Arteaga, Ike Stubblefield & Gordie Johnson
^^^with Ray Arteaga & Gordie Johnson
%with Ray Arteaga, Gordie Johnson, Ike Stubblefield & Lance Lopez


Mike Gordon
The Sound Garden Syracuse, NY
In-store mini-electric performance & autograph signing

Victim, Stealing Jamaica, Steps