The saying, “Never miss a Sunday show” gained additional leverage as a cosmic truth after Goose’s fierce jam-infested evening at Jacobs Pavilion on the western bank of Cleveland’s Flats District along the Cuyahoga River. After missed prior missed opportunities to see the band live, I arrived with a clean slate and open mind. Goose was mighty impressive in its two-hour-and-forty-five-minute performance in front of an audience of several generations who were locked from the moment the band stepped onstage.

Galvanized by the capacity crowd, Goose started with “Elizabeth,” which built up momentum as the song moved along. A faster “Echo of a Rose” segued into the first of the night’s three cover tunes—Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Green River” in honor of the show’s location. Later, Santo & Johnnys “Sleepwalk” (not played since April 22, 2023) supplied a slow respite during an intense second set, which was soon followed by Eddie Grant’s “Electric Avenue.” A well-deserved shout out goes to lighting designer/director Andrew Goedde and lighting programmer/technical director Tony Caporale for adding a nonstop impressive visual element to Goose’s second set.

Other highlights of the night included “Time to Flee” and “Butter Rum” which ended the first set and a homemade sign request made with cloth letters pasted on a blanket that resulted in “Slow Ready” as the encore. And, of course, with Jacobs Pavilion being on the river, Goose received the traditional horn blast by the sightseeing cruise ship, Goodtime III, as it passed by the venue during “Your Ocean.” With how well the band, fans and venue connected, it will be interesting to see if Goose does a multiple date run here next summer or, unfortunately, moves to some place bigger.   

Jacobs Pavilion – Cleveland

Set I: Elizabeth, Lead Up > Echo of a Rose> Green River (CCR cover)> Echo of a Rose, Your Ocean, Time to Flee, Butter Rum
Set II: Arrow, Borne > Sleepwalk (Santo & Johnny cover)> Borne > Electric Avenue (Eddie Grant cover), White Lights
Encore: Slow Ready