Photo Credit: Steph Port

On Sunday, June 16, Taper’s Choice performed at the Ivy Room, near Berkeley, Calif. The show arrived after Vampire Weekend’s afternoon slot at the neighboring Greek Theatre, allowing time for personnel cross-over, with drummer Chris Tomson taking part in both gigs. Notably, the evening gathering represented the group’s only 2024 show, as members primarily focused on their other projects. Adding to the speciality of the evening, Taper’s Choice received the distinct honor of putting to use Jerry Garcia’s legendary Alligator strat, helmed by Dave Harrington throughout the event. 

Stepping into their roles, the members of Taper’s Choice seized the opportunity to properly honor Garcia throughout the course of the night, jamming on “Lick the Toad,” which was left unfinished and segued into “Darkness at the Edge of Midtown.” Following the aforementioned motif of converged numbers, the group worked into “Pinot Botticelli” which ran over, hitting “Walking Around,” without pause. Ensuing originals allowed the band to flex their instrumentation, and ultimately, gave Harrington able time to show off his strength on the historical axe.

Before Taper’s show at the Ivy Room, Vampire Weekend also tapped into the Bay Area feel, honoring jam giants with an encore performance of traditional ballad turned Grateful Dead-associated tune, “Peggy-O.” During the cover, Vampire Weekend was joined by Amber Coffman, who initially joined the ensemble for their Sirius XM debut back in April. 

Scroll down to view the setlist from Taper’s Choice. 

Taper’s Choice 

Ivy Room — Albany, Calif. 

June 18, 2024 

Set: Lick the Toad*> Darkness at the Edge of Midtown, Pinot Botticelli > Walking Around, The Dave Test (no)> Lilac Palace, Vegan in the 90s, Doner Wrap

Enc.: Running from the Rain