Not made with A.I.

Sphere, the insta-iconic  Las Vegas venue that will host both Phish and Dead & Company later this month, now has a major challenger vying for concertgoers. A new facility has appeared seemingly overnight in Las Vegas, New Mexico (yes, that’s really a place). The venue is called Mostly a Rectangle.

The Sphere offers “immersive video and audio capabilities, which include a 16K resolution wraparound interior LED screen, speakers with beamforming and wave field synthesis technologies, and 4D physical effects.”

According to Ernest, the new venue’s publicist, Mostly a Rectangle offers “a stage.” Then he adds, “But more importantly, it’s in the shape of a shape. Mostly.”

What follows is a conversation with Ernest about the facility.

“What’s the name of venue?”

“It’s Mostly a Rectangle.”

“What is the name of the venue?”

“It’s Mostly a Rectangle.”

“Are you going to tell me the name of the venue?”

“It’s Mostly a Rectangle.”

“Don’t be a square.”

“That’s our sister facility.”

When asked to address the accusation that Mostly A Rectangle was previously a small independent music club, forced to shutter its doors in the age of consolidation, then reopen with a hot, fresh name, Ernst refused to address this charge. However, he pointed out that its owner recently reached out to the Egyptian government about opening a new large-scale venue, tentatively named Pyramid.

Then he demonstrated his ability to make any shape out of his magic chain.