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Last night, Jan. 26, the Disco Biscuits played the second date of a two-night booking at Crystal Bay Club Casino in Crystal Bay, Nevada, wrapping the first stop on the band’s Why We Dance Tour. During the performance, the band debuted a new original song titled “No Recollection,” co-written by Joey Friedman, who has also co-written the band’s upcoming rock opera Revolution in Motion.

The Biscuits’ performance began with live standard “The Very Moon,” which the group has performed 196 times since its 1998 debut, followed by fan-favorite “Spacebirdmatingcall,” off the seminal 2001 album They Missed the Perfume. Next, the band debuted “No Recollection,” its latest bit of original music since Revolution in Motion, Pt. 1 dropped on Jan. 19, before segueing back to “Spacebirdmatingcall” and concluding the first set with “Rock Candy.”

The second set began with a freeform jam which led into “I-Man,” far and away its most performed song at a total of 357 times played. Then, the group staged “Freeze,” with a “Caterpillar” tease, before an inverted treatment of “Shelby Rose” and their recent release “Buy The Time” closed out the second set. Finally, the Disco Biscuits returned to the stage for an encore with “Story of the World.”

The Disco Biscuits will perform again tonight at San Francisco’s iconic rock club The Fillmore for the second stop on the Why We Dance Tour; upcoming gigs in the band’s West Coast run, including San Diego’s Observatory North Park on Feb. 2, will feature free live streams via For tickets and more details on the band’s current tour, visit

The Disco Biscuits
Crystal Bay Club Casino – Crystal Bay, NV
Jan. 26, 2024

S1: The Very Moon > Spacebirdmatingcall > No Recollection 1 > Spacebirdmatingcall > Rock Candy
S2: Jam > I-Man > Freeze 2 > Shelby Rose 3 > Buy The Time
Encore: Story of the World

1 Debut, the Disco Biscuits Original
2 w/ “Caterpillar” tease
3 inverted

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