This past weekend, Tumble Down occurred at Wonderland Forest in Lafayette, N.Y. The fifth annual edition occurred on Sept. 22 and 23. During the event, highly-anticipated event, Twiddle took the stage, serving as the headliner over two nights at a newly picked venue located in the scenic landscape of Central New York’s Apple Valley. 

The fresh event space boasted wondrous vistas, forests, and waterfalls accompanied by an impressive bill of artists, including Twiddle, Baked Shrimp, Andy Frasco and The U.N., and more. Twiddle occupied the main stage on both days, taking fans on an extended jam with sit-ins from notable artists. 

On night one, the Vermont-based jamband opened with a partial play of fan-favorite “Blueberry Tumble” that cascaded into “GooBerry Jelly.” In a similar fashion, the previously mentioned song wasn’t played in full; instead, the band cut back into the set starter before a full take on “Subconscious Prelude.”  Highlights included “The Catapillar,” “Doinkinbonk!!!,” “Hattibagen McRat,” and the band’s usual merged pairing of “Hattie’s Jam” and “When It Rains It Poors.”

 For Twiddle’s second set, they kicked off a four-song setlist with a performance of “Mamunes the Faun” bringing out Andy Frasco as support. The jam quartet then showed off their improvisational skills for a three-song frame featuring a 30-minute rendition of “Gatsby the Great” and other selects. Twiddle closed the night off with an encore of “Mushrooms of the Sea” and “Every Last Leaf.”

Night Two followed with another extended jam from Twiddle and various sit-ins. The band began the evening a little earlier with a surprise sit-in from frontman Mihali Savoulidis during Mike Powell’s frame on the Saloon Stage. Savoulidis continued the musical venture with his own solo set on the same stage, bringing out sit-in performances with Michael Oehmen on saxophone and Twiddle’s Zdenek Gubb on bass. 

The full jamband then returned to the Main Stage to kick the second night off with another night of classics, including “Orlando’s,” “Apples,” “Cabbage Face,” and “Syncopated Healing.” Micahel Oehmen returned to the stage to accompany Twiddle on saxophone for “Lost in the Cold” to round out the end of the band’s first set.

The band opened their second set of the night with a “Frends Theme” before welcoming Lotus’ Tim Palmieri on guitar for an instrumental jam to “Latin Tang.” Twiddle continued on with their classic “White Light” before seamlessly segueing into “Frankenfoote.” The ensemble brought out their last surprise sit-in, Jeremy Schon from Pigeons Playing Ping Pong on guitar, for a rocking performance of “Slippin in the Kitchen.” The band ended the night with an encore of “Zazu’s Flight” and “Beautiful.”

The festival saw its last performance with a rare set from The Breakfast. The set included a notable sit-in from Twiddle’s drummer, Adrian Tramontano. Tumble Down was the latest in Twiddle’s last string of shows as Twiddle continues on their “Distance Makes the Heart ” farewell tour. The tour has only seven more shows before Twiddle embarks on their indefinite hiatus. 

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Tumble Down at Wonderland Forest – Lafayette, N.Y. 

Sept. 22, 2023

Set 1: Blueberry Tumble -> GooBerry Jelly -> Blueberry Tumble, Subconscious Prelude, The Catapillar, Doinkinbonk!!!, Bronze Fingers, Hattibagen McRat, Hattie’s Jam, When It Rains It Poors

Set 2: Mamunes the Faun*, Gatsby the Great, Jamflowman -> The Box

Enc.: Mushrooms of the Sea, Every Last Leaf

Notes: * w/ Andy Frasco 


Tumble Down at Wonderland Forest – Lafayette, N.Y. 

Sept. 23, 2023

Set 1: Orlando’s, Apples, Orlando’s, The Devil, Cabbage Face, Amydst the Myst, Syncopated Healing, Every Soul, Lost in the Cold*

Set 2: Frends Theme, Latin Tang^, White Light, Frankenfoote, Slippin in the Kitchen!

Enc.: Zazu’s Flight, Beautiful

* w/ Michael Oehmen on Sax

^ w/ Tim Palmieri on Guitar (Lotus)

! w/ Jeremy Schon on Guitar (Pigeons Playing Ping Pong)

Distance Makes the Heart Farewell Tour:

Oct. 5 – The Strand – Providence, R.I.^

Oct. 6 – Hampton Beach Casino – Hampton Beach, N.H.^

Oct. 7 – The Flynn – Burlington, Vt.

Nov. 11 – Mission Ballroom – Denver #

Nov. 24 – The Capitol Theatre – Port Chester, N.Y. %

Nov. 25 – The Capitol Theatre – Port Chester, N.Y. %

Nov. 26 – The Capitol Theatre – Port Chester. N.Y. (3 sets)

^ w/ Yam Yam

# w/ Melt

% w/ Kitchen Dwellers