Umphrey’s McGee will release their new album it’s not us on January 12, and today the band shared another track from the record, “Half Delayed.”

The song, which debuted today via Guitar World. UM guitarist Brendan Baylis explains that the track’s title wasn’t initially supposed to stick but ended up working with the feel and lyrics. “Initially, ‘Half Delayed’ was the working title, just a marker to quickly remind me that this idea was only half finished and started with a delay loop,” Bayliss, says.

The majority of the tune features a relaxed groove below Bayliss’ lyrics, with a burst of energy near the end. “We just let the tape roll and I approached it by thinking about the vocal melody,” Jake Cinninger says of his guitar work on the track. “Atmosphere is key, too much Pro Tools in most rock music today loses a sense dynamics. Going off the cuff results in a more human sound.”

Listen to “Half Delayed” in the lyric video below, via Guitar World.