A delightful image from Michael Weintrob‘s awesome Instrumenthead: Revealed project


The String Cheese Incident will continue to mark its 30th anniversary with a special retrospective run in which the group will explore some of its most beloved high-wire hiccups. The Happy Accidents Incidents will key in on various miscues that yielded glorious improv and allowed the band to hit new creative heights. The Colorado-bred sextet will move through their errors chronologically over the course of the shows, from broken strings while busking on ski lift lines, though a failed packie run in Massachusetts to an auto-correct error while writing the songs of Untying The Not.

SCI keyboard player Kyle Hollingsworth, who has taken the stage in a cow costume with a really rusted zipper multiple times over the years, calls this “sort of a redemption tour for me.” Hollingsworth, who is also making movie news today, has admitted to an occasional happy accident while dressed in the bovine outfit. On one occasion he nearly electrocuted a barefoot Bill Nershi and on another, he was forced to pay a dry-cleaning bill for some pricey stage rugs. A commemorative triptych of posters has been created around these Incidents, incorporating the band’s songs “Sweet Spot,” “Sometimes A River” and “100 Year Flood,” all of which Hollinsgworth calls “aspirational.”

Then he adds, “The Cheese abides.”