Photo Credit: Natalie Osborne

Today, Brothers Osborne shared their new track, “Goodbye’s Kickin’ In,” which previews their soon-to-be-announced project, which will follow their Grammy-nominated 2020 delivery, Skeletons. The fresh tune is a country-tinged post-breakup anthem intended for multiple listens and whiskey-soaked summer nights. 

 The duo had previously released three new songs, including “Nobody’s Nobody,” “Might As Well Be Me,” and “Rollercoaster (Forever And A Day), which John Osborne remarked on via press release, sharing: “As musicians, we’re constantly evolving and pushing ourselves to new heights. With our fourth album, we’ve teamed up with a new producer, Mike Elizondo, and embraced his approach to our sound and story.”

He continued, “Our expectations were already high and he absolutely shattered them. It’s exciting to see where this journey will take us and we can’t wait to share this sound with everyone. Life and art are about growth and taking risks, and we’re ready to take on the challenge.”

The group’s latest drops coincide with Brother Osborne’s Duo of The Year award at the 58th Academy of Country Music Awards, which also marked their fourth win in the category and seventh overall AMC accolade. John Osborne shared remarks on their achievement stating: “I love the country music community. We’re the luckiest people in the world.”

Listen to “Goodbye’s Kickin’ In” here. Scroll down to see a post via the artists’ official Instagram.