Photo by Lynn Goldsmith

Todd Rundgren has adapted to the COVID-19 era, with a brand new ‘Clearly Human’ tour, “featuring 25 performances, each geo-fenced and tailored to a different US city.”

Fans will gain access to their city’s stop on the tour with their zip code, still enjoying the performance from the comfort of their homes.

“People are trying to compensate often by doing one big show and trying to get as much audience as possible,” Rundgren explained via press release. “While that does unify the audience, it doesn’t give the audience that sense of special attention when you come to their town. At the same time, we have to try to figure out ways that as performers, we don’t wind up feeling like we’re doing a residence at a hotel.”

For tickets and more info click here.

Check out the full list of “tour dates” below:

Todd Rundgren – Clearly Human Tour

February 14 – Buffalo, NY

February 16 – Albany, NY

February 17 – New York City

February 19 – Virginia Beach, VA

February 20 – Pittsburgh, PA

February 22 – Cleveland, OH

February 23 – Detroit

February 25 – Indianapolis IN

February 26 – Chicago

February 28 – Madison/Milwaukee

March 1 – Minneapolis, MN

March 3 – Kansas City, MO

March 4 – St. Louis, MO

March 6 – Nashville

March 7 – Dallas, TX

March 9 – Houston, TX

March 10 – Austin, TX

March 12 – Denver

March 13 – Salt Lake City, UT

March 15 – Phoenix

March 16 – San Diego, CA

March 18 – Los Angeles

March 19 – San Francisco

March 21 – Portland OR

March 22 – Seattle