photo by Evan Jenkins

After wrapping up his residency at Brooklyn’s Union Pool on Tuesday evening, singer-songwriter Ryley Walker announced that he is canceling his upcoming European tour dates in April. Walker explained in a note to fans on social media that he will be taking time to focus on working through his mental health issues.

“My mental health is at an all time low, and those closest to me have determined its best I seek help instead of going on tour,” Walker writes. “I have always prided myself on work ethic and never canceling a gig. However, my life is at risk. I desperately need to take time to seek clarity through professional help. Need to be cared for in a controlled environment. I’m gonna try to kick my substance abuse and extreme depression. Both have been a part of my life since I was very young, and it’s all coming to a head. I’m suffering. I need to protect myself and those around me from self destruction.”

Walker—who played a dark, short 40-minute improvisatory set at Union Pool last night—also apologizes to fans and promoters, ending the note by saying that he hopes to return to the stage after taking the mental health break. “I love playing tunes with all my heart and the friends I’ve made over the years,” he writes. “I love you all.”