IGE 2018: Anders Beck, Paul Hoffman, Bill Nershi, Keith Moseley, Nicki Bluhm, Scott Law, Jilian Nershi, Tim Carbone and Ross James at the Church of Santa Maria della Visitazione (Photo by Lauren Massie)


From Oct. 4-13, the IGE Music & Art Immersion event will return for a 10-day trip to Lisbon, Portugal, with performances by Anders Beck and Paul Hoffman of Greensky Bluegrass as well as Nicki Bluhm, Holly Bowling, Grahame Lesh, Mihali Savoulidis and many more.

Last year’s IGE event took place in Venice, Italy and – as is the case every year – it encouraged musicians and music lovers to soak in the art, music and culture of a foreign land.

“It is one thing to see the artists in their bands, and quite another to experience them personally as they discover inspiration,” IGE Founder Michael Becker says. “IGE removes the artists from their bands and environments so that they explore, create and discover new musical contexts.” Expanding on the role of participants as creators not just as viewers he offers “each Immersion participant is an integral part of the community and responsible for the direction of the experience.”

Adds Hoffman, “An IGE immersion is like no musical excursion you will participate in. It’s incomparable to any vacation – becoming a community in a foreign land to appreciate culture, art and music is the way to get to know a city like you never can sightseeing alone. On Immersions you are simultaneously a traveler and at home with a group of common minded people.”

For more information about IGE 2019 visit its official website.

Check out a photo gallery of last year’s IGE event in Venice here.

IGE Music & Art Immersion 2019
Anders Beck
Paul Hoffman
Nicki Bluhm
Holly Bowling
Scott Law
Ross James
Matt Butler
Grahame Lesh
Mihali Savoulidis
James Casey
Elliott Peck
Tim Carbone
Samson Grisman
Natalie Cressman
Ian Faquini
Fruition: Jay Cobb Anderson, Kellen Asebroek, Jeff Leonard, Mimi Naja, Tyler Thompson
European All-Stars