Gov’t Mule delivered another guest-filled show on their tour, this time in Austin, TX at the Moody Theater for ACL Live, with the likes of Rey Arteaga, Ike Stubblefield, Gordie Johnson and Lance Lopez all turning out throughout the two-set show.

Arteaga started out with the band, the local percussionist and San Antonio-born solo artist, joining in on “Sarah, Surrender” from Mule’s new album as well as “Stratus” which also featured Ike Stubblefield. Arteaga and Stubblefield remained for Steve Miller’s “The Joker” as another Austin-based musician Gordie Johnson also emerged for the cover. Arteaga and Johnson closed the set with Mule as they tackled “Traveling Tune.”

Set two again featured a number of guests including the return of Arteaga for “Kind of Bird” before Johnson rejoined for “Burning Point.” Guests again returned in the encore as Arteaga, Johnson, Stubblefield and Lance Lopez closed the show with Mule as they covered “Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody’s Home” which forayed into “Thrill is Gone” before returning to the original song.

Mule’s run continues tonight in San Antonio, TX.

Here’s a look at the setlist:

Gov’t Mule
ACL Live at The Moody Theater Austin, TX

Set I: Mule, Rocking Horse, Banks Of The Deep End, Time To Confess, Stone Cold Rage*, Sarah, Surrender*, Stratus^, The Joker^^, Traveling Tune^^^

Set II: Broke Down On The Brazos > Tributary Jam, Revolution Come, Revolution Go, No Need To Suffer, Kind Of Bird (with Happy Together & Wind Cries Mary teases)*, Burning Point^^^, Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground

Enc: Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody’s Home% > The Thrill Is Gone% > Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody’s Home%

*with Rey Arteaga
^with Rey Arteaga & Ike Stubblefield
^^with Rey Arteaga, Ike Stubblefield & Gordie Johnson
^^^with Rey Arteaga & Gordie Johnson
%with Rey Arteaga, Gordie Johnson, Ike Stubblefield & Lance Lopez