Trey Anastasio will open his solo band tour this weekend with a two-night run at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY, and the guitarist previewed the tour, which will come as part of one of the busiest TAB schedules in the band’s history, in a new interview with JamBase. The conversation also includes his thoughts on Phish’s upcoming Baker’s Dozen run, his “one tiny itch” to play with a two-guitar band and more.

Anastasio starts out talking about his deep connection and history with his current TAB lineup, including his meeting Jennifer Hartswick when she was 16 and immediately knowing they would play music together and being entranced when he saw Tony Markellis play with The Unknown Blues Band in Burlington in 1982. “The older I get, the more mystified I am about the way that people come into each other’s lives,” Anastasio says. “People come into your lives and they become part of the fabric. Who knows why?”

The guitarist also gets into the venues he’s excited to play this year with TAB and dives into some of the songs over his career that have gone back and forth between TAB and Phish before discussing Phish’s much-anticipated Baker’s Dozen run at New York’s Madison Square Garden this summer. When asked if he could shed some light on the band’s plan, Anastasio says, “I don’t really know [what’s going to happen], in the best way possible.”

“I was talking to Fish about it a couple days ago,” he continues. “He’s locked in his studio up at his farm playing the drums. He told me he’s just playing these amazing calypso tunes that he found online. I think everybody’s just really excited, but it’s wide-open right now, like, there’s no specific plans. Which might be the very thing that everybody is so excited about. Meaning that it will be open to whatever the experience turns out to be. I think we don’t want to nail it down.”

One of the more surprising moment in the interview comes when Anastasio talks about not having formed any new bands in the past decade after participating in a steady stream of new projects previously. The guitarist reveals that “there might be one tiny itch that I could identify somewhere deep down in my soul. When I was in high school I always liked playing in bands with two guitars. Like, two guitars, bass and drums. Four-piece. I have fond memories of playing songs off Machine Head by Deep Purple, [The Rolling Stones’] Sticky Fingers songs and whatnot.”

“Derek? You interested?” Anastasio jokes, referring to guitarist Derek Trucks. “James Hetfield? Want to check out my barn? Flea? You busy? Joe Dart? You free for a weekend?”

Read the full interview here.