Photo by Dino Perrucci

Steve Kimock and his band, KIMOCK, made their way to NYC on their fall tour in support and celebration of their new album Satellite City. The unpretentious Kimock and his band weaved R&B with the out-thereness sounds likened to Pink Floyd with a weighty punch..

Kimock’s playing brings together a meditative pastoral sound with an emotional heaviness. All of this emotion was front and center during the second song of the night “Friend of the Sun.” The song was composed using a sample from a 1987 speech given by Carl Sagan titled, “Do We Have a Future?”. The band plays with an unction and through their instrumentation and electronic sampling they are saying something.

Instrumentation is the focal point of KIMOCK, but not individual showmanship. This is a team and they all blend and complement each other. Drummer John Kimock is full of raw talent and throughout the night kept everyone driving. Both the younger Kimock and bassist Andy Hess look to be made for each other musically. They were in complete solidarity together on “You’re the One” that allowed them both to stretch out.

The collective sound is preeminent, and the weightiness of the music naturally lent itself to Leslie Mendelson’s vocal ability. Most of the songs that she sang were reminiscent and could have easily been on her recent record Love and Murder. The title track of the new album “Satellite City” brought out the pop in her and hearing her sing Jerry Garcia Band standards “Waiting on a Miracle” and “The Maker” give an impression of how well her and Jerry would have sounded together. The sweetness of her voice coupled with the painful real life lyrics makes the music very accessible that won’t turn off the non-tie dye wearers in the room.

The sum of KIMOCK is greater than the individual parts. They are an enjoyable transcendent experience that momentarily lifts you out of yourself.