Photos by Tobin Voggesser

I can say I’ve been lucky to see many Eufórquestra shows in Colorado but I don’t think I could truly express my excitement while walking up to the Fox Theater in Boulder on July 1st. After coming to know their music and the band in the last couple of years, I knew this was no ordinary Eufórquestra show. In fact, it was their first Fox Theater headliner and I was stoked to watch how the whole night would unfold.

I was hoping for an extra special set fueled by Matt Grundstad and Adam Grosso’s education in Cuban music. That influence is just one component of Eufórquestra’s incredible stage presence and versatility. The crowds packed in, bringing together familiar faces and new comers who definitely brought their dancing shoes. My wish came true after a funky latin-charged set of songs from their second album, Explorations in Afrobeat.

The highlight of the night began with the entrance of local favorites Kyle Hollingsworth of the String Cheese Incident (keys) and Stanton Sutton (mandolin) of Mountain Standard Time who took the stage to help Eufórquestra with an incredible rendition of “Soup,” the title track off their latest album. “Soup” is that light-hearted and danceable tune that gets every single body in the place shaking their hips. Kyle Hollingsworth stayed on for a few more songs adding his own style to some Eufórquestra staples and a Talking Heads cover, “Slippery People.” Never failing to show us their rock n’ roll side, the show ended with “The Events of December 11th,” showcasing guitarist Mike Tallman. All in all it was one of the best Eufórquestra shows in Boulder to date.