Thirty-nine years after he played the song-defining guitar parts on David Bowie’s ““Heroes,”“ Robert Fripp reprised that role as King Crimson trekked across Europe in 2016.

And in 2017, 40 years after Bowie’s album of the same name was released, the contemporary, seven-piece version of Crimson has released Heroes (Live in Europe 2016), a five-track, in-concert EP bracketed by the title song in full-length and edited-for-radio versions. Fripp and his colleagues, including three drummers and singer/guitarist Jakko Jakszyk, do the song proud, sticking close to Bowie’s original composition while sprinkling it with a touch of Crimsonesque magic.

At just 26 minutes, Heroes has room only for a truncated version of “Starless,” which is jazzy and spectacular nonetheless, and is rounded out by the band’s signature percussive showcase “Hell Hounds of Crim” and a relatively weak version of “Easy Money.”

The band that’s featured on Heroes (Live in Europe 2016) ain’t your daddy’s King Crimson. But the EP shows it to be a worthy – if different and more conservative – heir.