For the 50th anniversary of its recording date, Otis Redding’s Live at the Whisky A Go Go: The Complete Recordings collects and presents the entire three historic April 1966 shows, seven sets, in their original running order. It’s the full picture of a performer that was both a year away from a breakthrough showing at Monterey Pop, wowing alongside Jimi Hendrix, The Who, and the Grateful Dead, and from his tragic death. In fact, performances from both the Whisky shows and Monterey were released posthumously on live albums; Redding dying in a plane crash in December of 1967. So, the power and energy of a Redding concert has been captured and released on record before, but nothing like it is on this box set. By presenting the shows in sequence and in full, not only can the slight differences in the mostly consistent repertoire be appreciated, but also to a greater degree the sheer stamina of Redding and his fiery ensemble working for their dinner, (as Redding jokes), in front of a boisterous and interactive audience on the Sunset Strip. Yes, there are, count them, ten separate versions of “Satisfaction,” that even the most hardcore Redding and/or Rolling Stones fans may find to be more than enough. Redding makes no secret of his intention to record the shows, for what would become 1968’s In Person at the Whisky A Go Go, so it’s most likely he and his team wanted the most options to choose from; a point Redding even makes as he repeats “Good To Me” on set two of night one. Even with the conceit that they were making a live album, the dynamic force that Otis, his band, and his audience amassed as one drives these seven sets to a place of intense soulful release that seemed beyond the potential from the mere encouragement of tapes rolling.