Photo Credit: Stephen Bloch/ Austin Grinnell

Last night, My Morning Jacket stopped at the Masonic Temple Theatre in Detroit. During their Tuesday stand in Motor City, the Louisville, Ky.-formed band delivered a 17-song main frame, which concluded with an appearance from current concert opener Karina Rykman, who helped on a cover pulled from Radiohead’s archive. Also, during the live show, the band pulled out The Miracles’ “Ooo Baby Baby,” performing the number as a homage to the city and its rich musical legacy. 

Prior to Rykman’s emergence, the headliners started their show with a rarity, which doubled as a tour debut. They worked through a piece of their initial full-length delivery, The Tennessee Fire originator, “Heartbreakin Man.” They ultimately followed up with pulls from Still Moves (2003), Z (2005), and Evil Urges (2008). As a prelude to the guest bassist’s arrival, MMJ positioned “Run Thru” with a snippet of Slayer’s “Reign in Blood.” 

Rykman arrived on stage next, adding to the band’s rendition of Radiohead’s “The National Anthem,” a song that entered MMJ’s repertoire on April 5, 2024, during their On Big Holiday event. Rather than abandon “Reign in Blood,” the musicians resumed the cover, applying the final notes, which doubled as Rykman’s closing moments on stage with her hosts. 

Sans help, MMJ returned for their encore, flanking either side of their Detroit ode (“Ooo Baby Baby”) with “I Will Be There When You Die” and “Anytime,” closing the concert after “Mahgeetah.” With their July 2 show in the books, My Morning Jacket will take tonight off before resuming their live appearances tomorrow, July 4, at Rose on the River Festival in Chicago. Tickets remain on sale. 

My Morning Jacket 

Masonic Temple Theatre – Detroit 

July 2, 2024 

Set: Heartbreakin Man, Evil Urges, Dancefloors, Picture of You, Thank You Too!, Off the Record, Here in Spirit, Touch My I’m Going to Scream Pt. 1, Touch My I’m Going to Scream Pt. 2, Wordless Chorus, Steam Engine, Believe (Nobody Knows), Never in the Real World, Gideon, Holdin On to Black Metal, Run Thru, The National Anthem+

Enc.: I Will Be There When You Die, Ooo Baby Baby, Anytime, Mahgeetah 


 + With Karina Rykman 

Setlist via Setlist.FM.