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Today, Guster have announced a thrilling new revue titled Hits & Bits, set to stage at the Dynasty Typewriter in Los Angeles on July 18. The variety-show program will bridge the band’s musical chops and penchant for humor and high-concept performance–recently demonstrated on the We Also Have Eras Tour–by welcoming an ensemble of the band’s favorite comedians and musical guests to support a “another swing at” merging its two favorite things. Beyond a handful of Guster songs throughout, fans can expect appearances from Chris Fleming, Madison Cunningham, Beth Stelling and more.

Beyond the top-billed names, the Hits & Bits roster boats a number of other high-profile guests, including Rory Scovel, Greg Hess and Holly Laurent. The band’s release specifies that sets are “definitely not limited to” this range, implying more performers to be revealed and plotting “plenty of surprise special guests.” Guster’s own Brian Rosenworcel, aka the Thundergod, will deliver a moth-style story to bring out just that much more wild and weird entertainment.

Tickets for Hits & Bits sold out nearly instantly, but fans eager to see the show in person in Los Angeles can join the waitlist and learn more about Guster’s jam-packed 2024 at For those beyond the City of Angels, Guster’s upcoming variety show will be available to livestream.

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