Photo Credit: Kelly Christine Sutton

On Saturday night, country star Zach Bryan continued his current motif of inviting famous friends to the stage for an unannounced sit-in. The latest team-up occurred on June 29, 202a concert at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tenn. During the main frame, the Oklahoma-bred artist brought out fellow genre favorite Kacey Musgraves for a sit-in on their co-release/ hit, 2023’s “I Remember Everything.”

Instead of announcing Musgraves’ arrival, Bryan let the music do the talking, beginning with the familiar lines: “Rotgut whiskey’s gonna ease my mind/ Beach towel rests on the dryin’ line/ Do I remind you of your daddy in his ’88 Ford?” As the song unfolded, Musgraves joined in with her sage and responsive lyrics, “You’re drinkin’ everything to ease your mind/ But when the hell are you gonna ease mine?” creating a unique musical dialogue.

Dressed in her Nashville best, a denim-clad ensemble, Musgraves strode to center stage, meeting Bryan, acoustic guitar in hand, for the convergence of the co-led lines, “Strained words come on out/ Of a grown man’s mouth when his mind’s broke/ Pictures and passin’ time/ You only smile like that when you’re drinking.” The lyrics were reverberated by the ecstatic audience. Watch below. 

Later that night, Musgraves appeared for another unannounced delivery at the Music City venue, Robert’s Western World. This time, the Texas-raised artist paid tribute to fellow Lone Star State musician Buck Owens, covering the Johnny Russell-written and Owen’s recorded “Act Naturally.” See a fan-shot video below.