Thurston Moore has shared the latest preview off his impending LP,  Flow Critical Lucidity, a fresh set of music due on Sept. 20 via The Daydream Library Series record label. “San Limities” serves as the lyrical source for the album’s title and arrives after already-released singles, the Isadora Duncan-eponym entry featuring a Sky Ferreira-included music video, “Hypnogram” and  “Rewilding.” As a unique feature on today’s single, the number includes vocals by Lætitia Sadier of Stereolab. Listen below. 

Discussing the release of today’s single, the Sonic Youth punk player divulged, “‘Sans Limites’ begins with a cyclic guitar & piano figure which expands further and further with each revolution before settling into a two-chord measure introducing lyrics intoning not only about eradicating any limitations towards enlightenment but going beyond limitations. The idea that a soldier can fight the good fight. A warrior against war.”

Recorded with his group: Deb Googe (bass), Jem Doulton (percussion), James Sedwards (guitar, piano), and Jon Leidecker (electronics), Moore’s impending deliverable was written and arranged in Switzerland and the UK–a regional recording theme across the track list, with all nine tracks following a similar tracking trend. Moreover, touching on location, lyrics allude to the natural splendor of the environment and extend mentions of effulgent dreaming and modern dance, a la Duncan. 

Flow Critical Lucidity was arranged at the Swiss artist residency La Becque and recorded at London’s Total Refreshment Studios in 2022. With new music on the horizon, Moore and his band have confirmed two upcoming appearances: a July 6 slot at the Kongsberg Festival in Norway and, later in the summer, the Way Out West Festival in Sweden on August 8.

Listen below. Pre-order Flow Critical Lucidity. 

Flow Critical Lucidity Track Listing

1. New in Town

2. Sans Limites +

3. Shadow *

4. Hypnogram

5. We Get High

6. Rewilding

7. The Diver