Yo La Tengo Cover Art for Single “You Can Have It All”

Yo La Tengo and Amy Poehler might not be a pair you’d expect to encounter orbiting in the music and comedy spheres. Despite what might strike as an unlikely discovery, there is a connection between the New Jersey rock band and the famed funny gal–single cover art from the band’s take on George McRae’s original “You Can Have It All,” which dropped before the actress’ Hollywood ascent, in 2000. The crossover was discussed during Jimmy Kimmel Live!, aired last night, Thursday, May 23. 

Poehler appeared on the late-night talk show to support her latest voice-acting pursuit in the Disney/Pixar original Inside Out 2. During the conversation, the host and his guest touched on topics like the aforementioned connection with Yo La Tengo. Notably, the image, which can be viewed above, references a young Poehler’s Upright Citizens Brigade skit, “Spaghetti Jesus,” and was translated into cover art clad with the sauce-faced actress donning a shirt with the band’s name. 

“You Can Have It All” eventually became a staple of the band’s discography, specifically associated with And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out, the official studio set. During last night’s Kimmel conversation, Poehler asserted, “That’s the first and only time I’ve been on the cover of a record.” Filling in the back story, she provided, “That’s a sketch I did with UCB, my sketch group, called ‘Spaghetti Jesus.’ The premise of the sketch is that the face of Jesus is found in a bowl of spaghetti, and then someone ate it.”

With a laugh, she continued, “We panned around to see who it was and then that happened. So, I guess the fine people of Yo La Tengo thought it would be a good album cover…. You know, it was a different time.” While it might have been Poehler’s only role as a cover star (for an album, that is), it wasn’t the last time she’d cross paths with Yo La Tengo, who, along with Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy, members of the Decemberist and others appeared as guests during the season six Parks and Recreation closer. 

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