Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 3, Garcia’s at The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, N.Y., will host a conversation with Ariella Werden-Greenfield, co-editor of This is Your Song Too: Phish and Contemporary Jewish Identity, and Relix Editor-in-Chief Mike Greenhaus, a book contributor. Adding to the event’s landscape, Cliffside Push, a Phish tribute band, will perform live following the back-and-forth. 

As suggested, the evening’s discussion, scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. local time, will delve into the interconnectedness between one of the jam world’s most beloved ensembles, Phish, and facets of Jewish identity/culture. 

Werden-Greenfield spoke with Relix last fall about the focus of her scholarly work, stating, “We want to continue having this conversation, and we want this conversation to inspire people to think about how their own identities are enforced, reinforced, highlighted and celebrated in and around Phish concerts.’

Werden-Greenfield continued, “In a way, that’s so much deeper than what you can gain in graduate school when you’re learning theory. You’re learning theory and you’re applying it to something that is not of personal experience. Then to be given the opportunity to focus this energy on something that has such great meaning for us in our lives has been a gift, and it’s changed me forever as a scholar. It’s changed the way that I think about music and the relationship between power, music and identity-building.”

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