Following the positive buzz around the group’s upcoming Curated By CATS performances, Circles Around The Sun has decided to take things one level deeper. Previously, the psychedelic rock quartet had announced that at the close of its California Coaster Tour, on April 13 and 14 they would add special guests to the bills. Now, in a nod to acronym lovers everywhere, on the final night, the show will not only be Curated By CATS, it also will be Curated by Cats.

On that evening, the four band members will take the stage in a rotating series of costumes, performing songs from the long-running Andrew Lloyd Weber musical that is often described as soporific by people with moderately sized vocabularies hoping to sneak one past their inattentive relatives who dragged them to the latest revival. (During a recent intermission of the musical, one such wag quietly muttered himself, “I mean ‘Cats–now and forever’ is that a threat or a promise?” while fearing the wrath of surrounding ailurophiles.)

Our ace cub reporter, offered a few tidbits from CATS CATS Cats Camp…

Bassist Dan Horne keeps bragging about his jellicles and no one’s sure if they should report him to HR.

Guitarist John Lee Shannon was looking forward to appearing as Mr. Mistoffelees until he realized that he had confused that character with Mr. Meeseeks from Rick and Morty.

Keyboardist Adam MacDougall will go full Mungojerrie. Or full Rumpleteazer. He can’t figure it out and worries that the whole Rumpleteazer thing could be as inappropriate as Horne’s jellicle bluster.

Drummer Mark Levy is said to be very Skimbleshanksy. This may be high praise. Or the opposite. To figure that out someone needs to sit through an entire staging of the musical. Or the movie, but that’s said to be sort of like The Room, only creepier.

Will Mikaela Davis make a guest appearance as Bombalurina? She hopes not.

Everyone finally agreed that jellicles sound sort of wet and gross but that T.S. Eliot, whose book of poems Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats inspired the musical “seems like a heady dude.”

No cats were harmed in the reporting of this story.