Executive Producer Andy Cohen has done it again and defied the odds with another promising chapter to his ever-expanding Bravo original, The Real Housewives. Meet The Real Lotwives. Cue the music, and we are not talking about the repetitive jingle jangle of O.C.‘s past; these members of jam scene high society are here to take you on a long, strange trip, only this time, things are about to get a little… more… heady. 

Beckoning to Cohen’s Grateful Dead past and Dead & Co. present, The Real Lotwives centers around a different type of woman than the Kyle Richards of Beverly Hills. Gone are the days of luxe lunches and Birkin bag parties because these Loose Lucys aren’t afraid to unleash a whole different class of drama. Anonymous nitrous hustler husbands? Check. Fireside blowouts? Ample. The desire to make it into a show? The essence of the experience. 

While season one of The Real Lotwives remains in production, the streets and the blogs are talking and trading theories on the role Cohen’s bestie/ Jerry Garcia protégé, John Mayer, will play. Speculations vary from simple bearer of miracles in Vegas to voice of reason/ narrator, a la Bravo reality extension, the Charleston-lifestyle-focused Southern Charm.

Cohen is set to introduce the cast via his late-night talk show, Watch What Happens Live. During the 30-minute segment, Mayer will play bartender, further alluding to his assumed role. And, as a special salute to the new group’s Housewives foremother, Grateful Dead fan Sutton Stracke will be on location and sparking doobies to mark the occasion.