Mac Demarco has unveiled his contributions to the impending covers compilation album, which celebrates the 50th anniversary of Haruomi Hosono’s prized solo debut, 1973 released Hosono House. Demarco’s cover of “Boku Wa Chotto” serves as the initial listen of what’s to come from the tribute set, which, notably, has yet to receive a release date. 

Of note, this is not the first time Demarco has shown his admiration for the Japanese musician. In 2018, he paid tribute to Hosono by covering “Honey Moon,” a track that initially appeared on the 1975 release Tropical Dandy. To follow, Demarco surprised guests at Hosono’s 2019 Los Angeles concert by showing up and helping during the live run-through of the aforementioned song. 

“Hosono is my hero, I love all of his music, I am eternally at his every beck and call, it is my honor to be a part of this compilation,” Demarco offered via press statement. He continued, adding background to the release, “I recorded this cover in Joe Bird’s guest room in Paris, August 2023. I hope my Japanese pronunciation isn’t too horrible.”

Apart from Demarco’s contributions to the set, the Stones Throw Record release, which is set to drop at some point this year, will also feature fellow artists such as Sam Gendel, John Carroll Kirby, Jerry Paper, Pearl & The Oyster, Cornelius, Akik Yano, Yuma Abe and many other admirers of Hosono’s work. 

Scroll down to stream Demarco’s cover of “Boku Wa Chotto.”