Matt Berninger of The National took part in a conversation with longtime admirer and fan David Letterman. The pair took part in an intimate conversation on topics related to the musician’s songwriting process, performing live shows, mental health and attempting to find balance in the public eye. 

During the discussion, which clocked in at under 30 minutes, Berninger focuses on particular cuts, such as “Space Invader,” “Hornets,” and “Smoke Detector, from the September 2023 release Laugh Track. Letterman questioned the latter song’s lyrical inclusion, “pharmacy slippers,” which Berninger described as a reference to getting on medication for depression, and the experience of waiting in line under harsh lights at Rite-Aid. 

Also featured is a segment on Berninger’s pandemic experience, which involved a challenging period for the artist. At the time, he said depression prevented him from writing music despite his bandmates’ efforts to send him potential material. Alluding to his mental state, Berninger explained the difficulty of stepping on stage and the dull reality of existing and striking a personal balance.

Watch the video below. Stream Laugh Track and First Two Pages of Frankenstein now.