Photo Credit: Galen Higgins

Today, Cory Wong has shared a preview of his forthcoming full-length album, The Lucky One, slated to arrive later this year, with the release of a new single, “Look At Me.” The sizzling summer anthem features Allen Stone, who added vocals to the upbeat tune. 

The impending collection of music presents Wong expertly showcasing his ever-evolving creative chops as a producer, guitarist, and songwriter, paired with his commitment to the power of collaboration which ignites a creative spark and feeds the musician’s innovative process, which has set him apart as an artist.   

“I’ve been a fan of Allen Stone’s work for years,” said Cory Wong via press release. “This year our schedules finally lined up, and we put together a banger funk/pop tune for the summer. Writing this song was fun because it started as a 10-second chorus clip from my friend Cody Fry who sent it to me and asked if I wanted to take it and run with it. I built out the track and added some other sections and sent it over to Allen to see if he was down to sing on it.”

Wong continues, adding context to the backstory: “We kept it moving forward in the writing and one day Allen said, ‘Check your email, I finished the vocal!’ He found a spark of inspiration and nailed the track during a couple of off days between tour runs. The fun part after that for me was finishing the production of it and building the music and sonic bed that Allen’s vocal sits on top of.”

“I wanted to try some classic recording techniques with my guitar, bass, horns, and drums; but I also wanted to experiment with some guitar tracking techniques that would make the guitar feel more like a pulsing synth. The results turned out to be incredible and I’m excited for this song to finally be out in the world,” concludes Wong. 

“This track was a blast to make,” Stone offered. “I’ve been dying for the chance to work with Cory and finally it’s happened. At the end of last year, he sent me three or four different rough ideas and my ear gravitated to this one. Cody Fry had started a hook and I reckon if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. The song basically wrote itself and luckily Cory was pumped about the top line. Stoked that this track is leading the charge on Cory’s new release and appreciate you putting ears on it. Bless.”

Following the release of Wong’s new single, the musicians will hit the road and participate in several shows and festival appearances, which will pick up on May 25 at Brooklyn Bowl Nashville, followed by a stand at Summer Camp Music Festival in Chillicothe, Ill., and a sprinkling of international gigs. For more information, visit the artist’s official website

Stream “Look At Me” now.