Photo Credit: Marc Millman

Today, Talking Heads frontman David Byrne has shared a new festive song, “Fat Man’s Comin’,” exclusively via Bandcamp. The track doubles as a charitable pursuit, as all proceeds raised will benefit Reasons To Be Cheerful, a nonprofit online news magazine established by Byrne. 

“Fat Man’s Comin’” is a new holiday-inspired tune, initially penned in 2013 and produced/ arranged by Jherek Bischoff. The single features a hefty dose of strings, woodwinds and bass, as well as percussions courtesy of Byrne’s longtime collaborator, Mauro Refosco. 

Byrne shared, “I always wanted to write a holiday song. I wouldn’t call it a Christmas song, as the visitation of Santa (formerly known as St. Nicholas, who mainly did punishing) seems to have evolved to be a more secular consumer moment than a religious or spiritual affair.” 

The musician added, “I believe the foundation of this music might have been written at the same time as the collaboration I did with St. Vincent a few years ago, but somehow a literal view of the Santa phenomena was what came out. It wasn’t right for Annie and me – the story of a fat man in rather odd attire who breaks into people’s homes and leaves mysterious packages.” 

“Fat Mans Comin’” is a part of the December edition of Bandcamp Friday. This monthly initiative waives its revenue share of purchases, granting all proceeds to the artist and their charity of choice. Sales of the single will directly benefit Reasons To Be Cheerful, a nonprofit editorial endeavor. 

To learn more and stream “Fat Mans Comin’,” visit Byrne’s official Bandcamp profile. The single is available on a pay-what-you-can scale, through Dec. 31, with a minimum $1 donation required.

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