Photo by Dino Perrucci

Renowned saxophonist and beloved member of Trey Anastasio Band James Casey recently shared a health update on social media detailing his situation in regards to the upcoming Trey Anastasio Band Shows. In September of 2021, the musician and composer shared that he was undergoing chemotherapy as a preventative measure after emergency surgery he had to remove a tumor blocking his colon, since then he has been in treatment while occasionally performing.

Casey explained in the video that many friends and fans had been inquiring whether or not he’d be performing. He then shared with a confident smile that he would appear at some – though not all – of the shows. In the video, Casey showed the tubes that were administering his treatment and explained his treatment was ongoing, then shared that Kenneth Whalum would fill in for him during the dates when he is unavailable. Whalum is known for recording with Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Robert Glasper, Mac Miller, Joss Stone,  Christian Scott, John Legend and many others, primarily in the hip-hop and R&B space.

Casey closed the message by saying, “letting you know, I’ll be out there and can’t wait to see you.”

Watch the full message below.