Fruition have announced a 10-stop tour, dubbed An Evening with Fruition Trio. The three singers and primary songwriters, Jay Cobb Anderson, Kellen Asebroek and Mimi Naja, will play mostly acoustic shows this coming November and December as drummer Tyler Thompson and bassist Jeff Leonard take some extra paternity time with their partners. 

The forthcoming tour kicks off Nov. 16 at City Winery in Washington, D.C., before the group hits additional City Winery venues in Philadelphia and New York the next two nights. Then. they’ll round out the month by playing at the StageOne in Fairfield, Conn., on Nov. 19, followed by another City Winery gig in Boston on Nov. 20.  

After a two-week break, the trio will start back up on Dec. 6 at Tractor Tavern in Seattle for the second half of their tour. They’ll play Capitol Theater in Olympia, Wash., on Dec. 7 before their hometown show at Aladdin Theater in Portland, Ore. Then, Fruition will close out the year with a show at The Lounge At The End Of The Universe in Boise, Idaho, on Dec. 10 and lastly a gig at The State Room in Salt Lake City on Dec. 11. 

Tickets for An Evening with Fruition Trio go on sale Friday, Sept. 23, and can be purchased here.

Scroll down to see the group’s complete list of newly released tour stops.  

Fruition Tour Dates: 

Nov. 16 – City Winery – Washington, D.C.

Nov. 17 – City Winery – Philadelphia

Nov. 18 – City Winery – New York

Nov. 19 – StageOne – Fairfield, Conn.

Nov. 20 – City Winery – Boston 

Dec. 6 – Tractor Tavern – Seattle

Dec. 7 – Capitol Theater – Olympia, Wash. 

Dec. 8 – Aladdin Theater – Portland, Ore.

Dec. 10 – The Lounge At The End Of The Universe – Boise, Idaho

Dec. 11 – The State Room – Salt Lake City, Utah